Why should I have a Weight Loss Mentor?

weight loss mentor in Australia

A good Weight loss program consists of a healthy diet plan full of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, some healthy fats, along with some added necessary natural supplements to support your body’s vitamin and mineral needs while losing weight. 

Choosing to begin on a weight loss journey takes courage and commitment. While there is a choice between which weight loss program to join, or which supplements you should purchase, you should also put your effort into choosing an experienced mentor for yourself. 

Selecting the right mentor for your weight loss journey is as essential as picking a gym trainer for gaining those attractive muscles the safe way. An experienced mentor should be one that has personally experienced the weight loss program themselves and knows how to motivate, support and advise their mentees.

Choosing A Weight Loss Mentor For Motivation

Being overweight is one of the many most significant issues for most of us, especially with the previous year and lockdowns. It also does not help with the limited travel movements, being less active, and the food delivery services offering fast food directly to your front door. 

Not to mention the added stress factors and anxiousness of the situation the world is facing. It is a wonder why we, as a nation, are facing growing obesity and health concerns. 

If being overweight was only a visual concern, it would not be an issue, but obesity and being overweight bring along health issues. According to a survey, people face some common problems while trying to reduce weight by following a weight loss program.

  • Feeling lazy and not having enough energy.
  • Headaches and brain fog
  • Stomach aches and digestive issues
  • Low mood
  • Not being able to tie your shoelaces.

5 Ways To Choose The Right Mentor For A Weight Loss Program In Australia.

5 ways to choose right mentor in Australia

Has your Weight Loss Mentor experienced the Program themselves?

A good weight loss mentor should have experienced the weight loss program themselves. It is only logical if you follow advice, you would naturally expect them to understand what it feels like to go through the ups and downs associated with your chosen weight loss program. 

Weight loss programs all have specific plus points, along with some negatives. It is crucial the one you chose to be your mentor knows what he/she is talking about and genuinely understands your questions, gains, losses and concerns.

 While following a weight loss program, you should always voice your concerns and questions to your mentor so he or she can adjust your weight loss program accordingly.

 An experienced weight loss mentor should suggest you the right supplements according to your weight loss goals and requirements of each mentee. We should not take supplements without guidance because each person has different needs.

 What works for one may not work for another. An experienced weight loss mentor should have worked with similar clients who have also lost weight, so you know and feel you are in the right hands.

Is your Weight Loss Mentor supportive and motivating?

It is a significant expectation while choosing the right weight loss program. Tough decisions always require willpower. 

Imagine you are in Grade 5 and you tell your teacher you have done something wrong, but before you get a chance to explain, your class teacher gives you a punishment without even hearing your reason for the mistake you made.

 I know you would not be willing to admit another mistake or ask for help next time. The same scenario applies to weight loss and having the right mentor. While following a weight loss diet program and nutritional supplements, you need motivation, which comes from an open-minded, supportive and positively motivating person. 

Body detoxification and weight loss are not just about improving your eating habits but also fighting with your mind, which sometimes wants to give up or return to your old ways of binge eating junk food. So here, getting motivated during weight loss is essential.

Does your Weight Loss Mentor know about suitable supplements?

Weight loss is essential for a healthy life. If you want to get your body fat in a healthy range, you may thrive by adding some health supplements to support your body’s vitamin and mineral requirements while following a weight loss regime. 

Your mentor should ask their mentee if they may have other health issues before giving the best weight loss advice and tips. If so the mentor should then advise which supplements may be suitable to support, but always should advise a client to run each supplement recommended past their GP for approval if a customer has particular health concerns. 

Ensuring you share any health concerns with your mentor is a must for safe and healthy weight loss advice.

Is Your Mentor A Good Listener?

For better results, communication is vital and plays a significant factor in whether you are successful in your weight loss journey. 

What we do know is, the better the listener, the better the speaker, It applies in every scenario, even in mentoring someone on a weight loss journey.

A good mentor can give you the best advice if they first apply active listening skills, by learning more about your daily routine, bad habits, concerns and questions. 

After learning more about you, your mentor can guide you the best way possible while mentoring you on their weight loss program. Before choosing your mentor, you have to make sure you are selecting a good listener.

Does your mentor have positive feedback from previous/current clients?

We are in an era of the internet and social media. It is a handy tool to have, not only does it help to keep in contact with friends, but you can also find information and feedback about any individual or organization.

 It will be the smart decision of choosing a mentor for a weight loss program by their previous experiences with other people who have been mentored by the person you are thinking of to mentor you under their weight loss strategy or detox program. 

If we check out a property or piece of land before we purchase it, why not, in the same way, check feedback of the one whom you want to be mentored by on your weight loss journey.

Our Bonus Piece of Advice

At Toxin Enemy Australia, we are experienced mentors for a weight loss program that reduces body fat fast and naturally. 

We are in Australia, and all over the world. We have helped many people lose unwanted fat with our weight loss secrets. We also provide a one on one mentor during your weight loss membership program. 

We recommend and provide some herbal supplements if required while you are melting stubborn body fat with our program. You will have your support person plus support groups on Facebook, and we also have a live chat option on our website when needed. Our mission is to make a better and healthier country. Standby for more information about our weight loss program focused on gut health and living a cleaner lifestyle.

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