5 Steps of Weight Loss for Women

Weight loss for mom

Weight Loss for Women

Beginning any new weight loss for women diet plan is an exciting time for anyone; the picture in your mind of where you would like to be in 3, 6, 12 months from now can be a terrific motivation factor. Whether there is an event coming up such as a wedding, or a holiday you have planned and want to fit into that bikini or one-piece bathing suit you have been eyeing off. You even may have a piece of clothing hanging in the closet as a personal reminder where you want to be health-wise to keep you on track. These are a few of many ways, we as women like to give ourselves motivation when beginning any weight loss program.


Being motivated is an essential factor, especially when it comes to weight loss for women; however, many women tend to lose motivation very quickly, due to several factors. Being a busy mum, or working a full time and beginning a new weight loss program can be a bit daunting, especially when preparing for the whole family. We can make it easy for you.

Weight Loss for Busy Mums

Being a mum is a busy and challenging role most of the time, to then throw in a plan to follow a weight loss program for several months, how do we cope? As mothers, we tend to put most of our time and energy into our children’s health and wellbeing, even putting our health and wellbeing on the backburner. It is normal and natural behaviour in motherhood, however, as mums, we also forget that we are also equally important, and our health matters. 


Trying to juggle a busy household is a full-time job on its own, but being overweight or obese at the same time can be overwhelming, not to mention draining both physically and mentally. To make the best out of the time you have with your children growing, wouldn’t it mean more to you and your children to be active, confident enough to capture photographs and participate in activities? 

The main goal and motivating factor should be making beautiful memories with your children. Happy memories are what they will remember for the rest of their lives. We don’t want to live in regret, and this should be a primary motivating factor for mums when it comes to weight loss for women.

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Why do we need to plan for weight loss?

We all know planning ahead works wonders for all future goals; this is also very true for weight loss for women. Planning for weight loss can be done through simple steps. Here I have given a few tips on overcoming some of life’s hurdles some of my clients have experienced while following our detox diet plan over the last four and a half years.


  • Plan Ahead – Try planning for a week in advance, including food, upcoming events, exercise etc.
  • Meal Prep  – Buy in bulk, lean protein, vegetables, fruit etc. Make big batches then freeze for easy access. Don’t be afraid to repeat meals. Simple and Easy is the best.
  • Keep a diary – Keep record of your food intake. Write down your struggles with food so that you can identify the triggers for emotional eating.
  • Weigh every day – If you can(if possible), we prefer if our clients weigh each day, on average 200grams a day loss is what we aim for, it also gives daily motivation.
  •  Be accountable – Reach out to your mentor if you make a mistake or have questions, own it, admit and learn from it. Don’t turn one lousy meal into a whole day, or week of bad choices.


Weight Loss for Women & Meal Preparation

Meal preparation has become quite popular for most weight loss for women diet plans, having meals already planned out for the week makes it more comfortable, and less likely to go off track when in a hurry. 

It also makes it easier for the average working woman, taking a packed nutritious meal to work, ready to eat or be warmed, and stop you from going to the nearest lunch bar and making bad choices. Meal prep is sometimes easier said than done, but it doesn’t need to be hard. 


Most weight loss for women programs have set out meal plans, with a list of approved foods. I find repeating meals is an excellent way to meal prep, buying in bulk, for example, 1kg of chicken breast can give you up to 10 meals. For women who love to experiment in the kitchen, making three meals at a time would be beneficial, giving you more variety and choice. Our meal plans are easy and straightforward, and we also have an approved food list for each step of our weight loss program, so there is plenty of choice in fresh lean protein, fresh fruit and vegetable and a mix of herbs and spices, giving you choice and variety.

Setting Realistic Goals in Weight Loss

Weight loss made easy for busy Women

Setting realistic goals is always a critical part of any weight loss for women diet plan. By setting smaller, achievable and realistic goals, we find that people achieve them faster and easier. And give you more motivation than setting bigger goals. For example, someone who wants to lose 35 kgs, setting a goal of achieving 5kgs at a time, will be a lot more motivating and achievable than having one big main goal of 35kgs.

There are many weight loss programs where people are encouraged to reward themselves by having a meal off or a day off the weight loss program. We encourage you to reward yourself with non-food, gifts such as a new haircut, a trip to the nail salon, a new piece of clothing etc. After all, we are here to educate our clients to succeed and make a lifestyle change. It does not mean you will not ever be able to indulge; life is meant to be enjoyed. It means we encourage not using food as a reward. Creating new habits, replacing unhealthy choices with better options is what we do and teach.


If you are reading this article and would like to know more or are interested in how our weight loss for women program at Toxin Enemy works, please contact us via the contact page. One of our helpful mentors will provide you with all the information you need on chat or Facebook page.