The Best Way To Lose Baby Weight

best way to lose baby weight

What is the best way to lose baby weight?

Is a common question searched on the internet, as it has been most likely since the internet began? Pregnancy and birth are certainly one of the most joyous times in any new mother’s life, but after it’s all said and done, we wonder what the best way to lose baby weight is. It’s perfectly normal to gain some weight during pregnancy, and most of us end up a few kilos heavier than we expected to be.

 You may have searched the internet or scrolled through social media posts to find a safe and effective weight loss program. It can be scary and exciting at the same time when you finally find a weight loss program that suits your needs and wants. Before beginning any post-pregnancy nutrition or weight loss program, you should always wait until your postpartum check-up with your general practitioner to be safe. 

Hormonal changes, lacking nutrition, lack of sleep with a new baby and having no time are just some of the main reasons new mums tend to find it challenging to focus on their health during the first few months after giving birth, let alone finding a way to lose baby weight. What if I told you that it isn’t so hard to get quick and effective results?. 

How can I lose baby weight fast?

Now you have your healthy beautiful baby in your arms, someone you have happily put first throughout pregnancy and the first 6-8 week postpartum period. Everything in life is complete, and you now can focus on your health and wellness goals, whether it be losing weight, getting fit through exercise, or both.

 Every woman wanting to lose baby weight should focus on is getting an adequate amount of nutrition into your diet, whether it be from the food itself, nutritional supplementation or both. A good women’s multivitamin is something that will help get daily nutrition through supplementation.

 If you are breastfeeding, you need to make sure your nutritional supplements are safe for breastfeeding. There are plenty of safe supplements on the market for breastfeeding mums; it usually comes to personal choice or preference when deciding which weight loss diet plan to lose your baby weight. 


It may take a while before you even want to begin an exercise routine after having a baby. Just by adding half an hour a day of light exercises, such as walking can help lose baby weight in the beginning and work your way up from there. There are easy and simple strength training exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your home.

 Most can be done using your body weight and without the need for gym membership costs and equipment. However some women prefer to join a gym, it is also lovely to get out of the house and enjoy a nice workout baby-free as most gyms have creches available. Both work well, it all comes down to each person’s personal preference.

weight loss after pregnancy

Why can't I lose baby weight even after fasting?

There are many reasons why it’s challenging to lose baby weight. It could be hormonal, medical, lack of time, lack of energy or just the busyness of daily life. The first step is to put into practice a few simple steps to help manage some of these factors, and some may not be in your control, especially if it’s something medical, that would be something you would discuss with your general practitioner. We always advise our clients to do so.

Here we have some simple and helpful tips to make it easier to manage weight loss after pregnancy and birth

  • Exercise: Plan 30 minutes a day for light exercise; walking a few streets with your baby in a stroller is a perfect way to start.
  • Meal Planning: Plan a certain amount of time each day to organise mealtimes. It can be hard as a busy mom to manage meal for the family plus prepare a separate one for yourself if you’re following a meal plan to lose the baby weight
  • Supplementation: It is difficult to meet daily nutritional needs through food only, we recommend using a few different dietary support supplements to get you on your way to lose the baby weight.
  • Mindfulness: Think positive thoughts daily, via daily affirmations, reading and listening to positive quotes. Even a few moments of quiet time can help keep your mind positive.
  • Reduce Stress: Managing stress factors can help reduce the stress response hormones in the body, which will help with losing weight.
  • Get Support: Getting a support person such as a Weight-loss Mentor to help you be accountable, encourage and support you with helpful tips. A mentor can also be a listener; you can vent to about struggles and voice any concerns you may have.
Post pregnancy nutrition

What is the best post-pregnancy nutrition, and how can it help in reducing baby weight?

There are many brands of products on the market to choose from when planning to lose baby weight. It is vitally important that you chose a product company that is backed by years of product distribution and more importantly, safety. 

You can check out the health and wellness supplement company we recommend. Be aware of any quick fix or magic weight loss pills advertised and do the correct research before spending your money. 

Nutritional supplements come in different forms these days; some can be in capsule/tablet form; others can be in drinks or even tasty chocolate shakes, or a fruit smoothie.

There’s a wide range of different supplements recommended for better health and wellness overall, such as multivitamin, magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, B vitamins, probiotics, to name a few. If you are lacking certain vitamins or minerals it’s important you seek advice from your general practitioner before beginning any weight loss program to lose baby weight. 

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