Probiotics for gut health and weight loss

Probiotics for gut health

Most people on social media may have heard about probiotics for gut health and weight loss. There is an excellent reason why.  


Probiotics are known best for improving good bacteria in the gut. Many are unaware of the factors that play a role in decreasing probiotics in the body, such as taking antibiotics, daily stresses, taking certain medications, or only eating the wrong types of foods. These things upset the gut bacteria, causing different kinds of symptoms, such as indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation and stomach problems. Tummy issues basically in a nutshell.


If absorption of critical vitamins and minerals through the gut isn’t working at an optimal level, it’s most likely because there aren’t enough good bacteria in your gut. Which is why taking a probiotics supplement is needed, especially when beginning a weight loss or overall health kick journey. 

Probiotics for gut health has been a popular topic lately, and most weight loss programs recommend having a probiotic for weight loss supplement added into their daily routine. Probiotics for gut health and weight loss is essential if your personal goal is to have less digestive issues. Feeling healthier overall is what we all aim to do. Let us answer a few questions.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are tiny live microorganisms living naturally inside the body, mostly found in the gut and large intestine. They are a benefit to our overall health and wellness in many ways. There are both good and bad bacteria living inside of our bodies. Probiotics are known as the good type of bacteria, which we should aim to have more of. We can do this either by diet, supplementation or both. Improving good bacteria in the gut will give many benefits to anyone wanting to improve their quality of life. 

What is Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are food-based fibres, which feed the probiotics inside the gut, increasing the number of good bacteria, which is what we want in our bodies. They are found in some fibre-rich food such as fruit and vegetables. Prebiotic supplements are taken on their own or in combination with a probiotic supplement. Increasing your intake of prebiotics, along with probiotics, is an excellent combination for improving gut health.

Why should we have Probiotics for Weight Loss?

Many people struggle to lose weight for various reasons, but there is one main reason most people overlook, not having enough good bacteria (probiotics) in the gut.

Gut health is essential in weight loss because the gut wall is where vitamins and minerals are absorbed. If your gut isn’t healthy enough and full of harmful bacteria, essential vitamins and minerals aren’t going to be absorbed into your body resulting in feeling fatigued, lack of energy, digestive issues and overall sluggishness. These are all reasons people stop a weight loss program only after a few days.

One of the keys to success in weight loss is to make sure you supplement with a probiotic for weight loss to help heal the gut and improve good bacteria, you feel great. Let us face it; no one wants to begin any weight loss or health journey than to feel unwell.

Improving Gut Health with Probiotics Tips.

  • Supplementation 

Increasing good bacteria can be done by adding or increasing the right type of foods in your diet. Sometimes this is difficult to achieve by food only, especially when you have only just begun a weight loss journey and are in the process of changing habits. We recommend getting a good probiotic supplement to increase gut health and improve overall weight loss.


  • Avoid certain types of food. 

It is important to do some research on foods to avoid to improve the quality of gut health, some of the main foods to avoid are obvious, such as fried food, artificial sweeteners, sugary food etc. 


  • Increase fiber-rich fruit and vegetables 

Increasing your intake of prebiotics and fiber-rich fruit and vegetables will give your good gut bacteria a boost. If you do not enjoy leafy greens, you can always add them to your shakes in a blender with your favorite fruit.    


  • Decrease stress 

Having stress in your life can have a negative impact on your overall health, including gut health. Managing daily stress is easier said than done, but by making small positive improvements, it can be beneficial to your overall gut health.

  • Keep Active 

Spending an amount of time each day being active will have a positive impact on your gut health, not only that but physical and mental wellbeing. By adding even 30 minutes of walking to your daily routine will get you on the right path. 


By following some simple steps and lifestyle changes, you will have the knowledge on how to increase and maintain optimal gut health, which will improve your overall health and quality of life. Probiotics for gut health and weight loss is a part of our weight loss program, and our team is happy to help you begin on your weight loss journey.