Effective Weight loss Program for Men

weight loss program for men

Men’s fitness and health is a fast-growing trend on the internet, and many of them are looking for an Effective Weight Loss Program for Men. When we think of weight loss, we don’t focus so much on men as women, but both are equally important. 

There are plenty of weight loss programs for men in Australia; you must choose one where you receive support and encouragement. Men should look for a plan with lots of helpful information relating to men’s weight loss and the best way a man can lose weight without losing muscle mass. Let us face it, no man wants a loss of muscle while trying to lose weight.

Men are known to be visual creatures, often seeing results in the mirror tends to be a substantial motivating factor. Men also often tend to lose weight quicker than women, due to a range of different factors, however after the initial phase is over, the playing field is in weight loss and tends to be equal. 

Men have more lean muscle than women, which needs to be supported by increasing protein intake while losing weight—getting an adequate amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, fibre, good fats probiotics for gut health and weight loss. Just by increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables will have many benefits when beginning an effective weight loss program for men and creating a healthy life habit. 

Most men, especially Aussie men, tend to enjoy a few beers after work or on the weekend evenings. Alcohol in moderation is always what’s best in life and on a weight loss program. However, it doesn’t essentially mean you have to quit alcohol altogether to lose weight. You can slim down while still enjoying a few drinks with your mates.

What is the best weight loss diet program for men?

The best diet for a man to lose weight depends on what the individual is looking to achieve, is it to lose the beer belly and gain a bit extra lean muscle, or is it to lose a large amount of weight? 

Whatever the goal is, the appropriate diet plan for men should focus on some essential factors such as protein intake. Men must be getting the required amount of protein so muscle mass isn’t lost, and since men have a higher amount of lean muscle it only makes sense a man eats extra protein than a woman. 


Another vital point in looking for a men’s weight loss program is to find a community for support. There are many online support groups for men these days; most are on social media and are easy to access. Most people focus on an 80/20 80%Exercise and 20% Diet ratio. 

The appropriate percentage should be 20/80, meaning 20% Exercise and 80% Nutrition. Choosing a men’s weight loss program should focus on this ratio, which= we do at Toxin Enemy Australia.

5 Best Weight Loss Tips for Inactive Men

Here we have put together five tips for inactive men, such as an office worker, or a stay at home dad. It may also be someone who’s just had surgery or an injury and cannot work out for various reasons. 


  • Nutrition – It’s essential to focus on getting the right nutrition into the body to support men’s weight loss and getting enough protein, fibre, good fats, and a limited amount of good carbs. You should also add in some essential vitamins and minerals to your daily routine. If nutritional needs can’t be acquired by food alone, choose some good quality supplements such as those we recommend. 
  • Fitness – Focus on the 20/80 rule 20% exercise and 80% nutrition, doing regular cardio and some basic strength training 2-3 times a week is a great place to begin. Make sure if you start a strength training regime, you should increase your protein intake. 
  • Support – Get yourself a support person, whether it be a weight loss buddy or a weight loss mentor to help keep you accountable and on track—someone who will guide you in the right direction and give good advice when it’s needed.
  • Community – Become a member of relevant groups on social media platforms or follow some informational blogs about men’s health, men’s weight loss, men’s fitness tips etc. Being a part of a wider community helps to see what others do, what others struggle with and how to overcome issues easier. You are also not required to interact unless you wish to do so; there are no obligations. It is all about what is comfortable for each person.
  • Mindfulness – Positive daily affirmations, breathing exercises, reading positive quotes, or a simple 30 minutes of quiet time are good ways to practise self-care. In a busy, stressful world, mindfulness is becoming popular. There are many free apps, podcasts, online videos you can watch and listen. Relaxing the mind is essential for overall mental health which can also have positive effects on physical health.
weight loss program for men in Australia

Men's Health Weight Loss program & Supplements

When following an effective diet plan for men, it is vitally important you are getting an adequate amount of essential vitamins and minerals, which is hard to achieve alone through food, especially during the initial phase. We recommend supplementing some supplements; there are a few different recommended supplements when beginning any weight loss program. 

An adult multivitamin is a great place to start, fibre to help keep the digestive system working, probiotics to support gut health and a few more. Always check with your General Practitioner before beginning any weight loss supplements, especially if you have a certain medical condition or are taking other medications. 

There are many weight loss supplements available on Australia’s market today, check out the ones we recommend. Men sometimes prefer to have a protein shake instead of creating a nutritional breakfast; this is also a great way to get the goodness in without putting in too much effort.



A weight-loss diet plan for men should not be difficult to follow if you consider the tips written above, changes won’t happen overnight, but when you are consistent in your actions each day. 

You then will surely be well on your way to being a healthier and happier version of you. At Toxin Enemy, we have a great program focused on living a healthier life. Contact one of our friendly mentors through our contact us page or chat now.

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