Our story

Hi there, my name is Stacey Eades-Singh at Toxin Enemy Australia. For the last four years, beginning in September 2016, I have been a mentor for a Weight Loss Program in Australia that has helped thousands of overweight men and women lose unwanted body fat. Being a mentor is a rewarding experience by being able to teach and guide people on how to lose weight with our body detox program. Usually people who mostly have not had success with other weight loss programs.

Toxin Enemy Aus Stacey

We are here to help the customers to get their success.

I have found mentorship to be a pivotal factor in whether someone either succeeds or gives up while attempting a new weight loss diet. As an experienced mentor for a fantastic weight loss program, I have witnessed many ups and downs, and have noticed a pattern. 

The people that take advantage of their mentor’s advice while on our body detox program stay on track easier. It helps them to feel accountable by knowing they have someone to go to when they are having a bad day, fallen off track, or have had a special occasion and ate the wrong thing. 

No one is perfect, and we don’t expect you to be, we do, however, advise you to be accountable and keep your mentor up to date with your wins and losses while on our weight loss program. As mentors we are not here to judge, we know life is busy, and sometimes you can’t avoid certain situations, we don’t expect you to be perfect, we teach you how to see the positive in the negative. I welcome you to get in contact with me with any questions or concerns you have regarding our weight loss program and I look forward to many more life-changing transformations. 

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Our Weight Loss Program

Toxin Enemy Australia is a Weight loss and body detox program focused on clean eating, gut health, natural and toxin-free nutritional support and one on one mentoring. 

All these things focus on the easiest way for our customers to lose weight, feel great while completing our body detox program and changing bad habits into good ones. With many unhealthy weight-loss diets, people often quit very quickly for many different reasons, one of them being lack of support. At Toxin Enemy, we have a group of experienced mentors who are there for you, to guide, teach, support and listen. Our weight loss program in Australia has been highly successful, and now many people across the globe have lost their unwanted fat and completely transformed their lives. 

One of the main focuses on our weight loss program in Australia is Gut Health. With many years of eating the wrong types of food, taking certain medications and other life factors such as stress, it takes a toll on the gut and how well it functions to absorb vital nutrients. Being overweight affects overall health and makes people feel sluggish, depressed and have low self-esteem. 

Gut health is essential to overall health as the digestive system is where all your vitamins and nutrients are absorbed. Getting a correct amount of nutrients into your body makes a significant difference in how you feel, look and how much energy you have. It is essential during a weight loss program that you get all your required nutrients.

The first thing we teach on our body detox program is to look at what type of food you allow into your body. Food should be utilized as fuel for your body like a car needs a particular kind of fuel to run. We cannot merely put any fuel in; we should use the cleanest, toxin-free and energy-efficient fuel that we can get; when on a weight loss diet it only makes sense. We, as human beings, aren’t meant to eat countless amounts of nutritionally empty types of food. When we do; it only gets stored on your body as fat. 

When completing our weight loss program, we recommend the use of certain nutritional support supplements in addition to our clean eating meal plans. Absorbing essential nutrients is needed to support the body’s functions while losing unwanted fat. Most weight-loss diets advise the use of specific vitamins and minerals for a certain period until your body can absorb the correct nutrients through the food you eat. 

The products we use on our body detox program have been in the market for 30+ years and only accept high-quality,  toxin free and natural ingredients. It is why we have chosen this particular brand to coincide with our weight loss program in Australia. There are many products and supplements available on the market; however, it is essential to do your research. Fact Sheets on products we recommend while on our weight loss program can be requested at any time. 

With any weight loss diet, it is essential to be aware of the personal preferences of our members. Our weight loss program is also now available to vegetarians and vegans. 

When you join our weight loss program, members get instant access to our membership website. You will be able to download approved food lists, meal plans and a guide on nutritional support supplements that we recommend while completing our body detox program. There are also support groups on Facebook and a members-only recipe group. Our weight loss program in Australia is unique with our one on one mentorship strategy, which is why we have high success rates. 

We now would like to invite you to invest in yourself. Why wait? Get in touch with us today.