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Don’t worry no one is perfect, and we don’t expect you to be, we do, however, advise you to be accountable and keep your mentor up to date with your wins and losses while on our weight loss program. As mentors we are not here to judge, we know life is busy, and sometimes you can’t avoid certain situations, we don’t expect you to be perfect, we teach you how to see the positive in the negative. I welcome you to get in contact with me with any questions or concerns you have regarding our weight loss program and I look forward to many more life-changing transformations. 

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Our program is not only about losing weight fast and naturally, but we also educate our clients on how to keep the unwanted weight off. We have a Maintenance Phase, where you re-introduce certain foods.

It helps to understand which foods each person’s body reacts badly to, and also it teaches clients to eat to fuel their body and maintain their weight. You can still enjoy your favorite food but in moderation. We have many clients who have kept their weight off for many years.

After many years of bad food choices, most people usually lack specific vitamins or minerals. While following a healthy diet plan for weight loss, you must provide your body’s required vitamins and minerals through nutritional supplementation.

Nutritional support supplements can give your body your required intake of essential nutrients, especially during the detox phase. By fueling your body with a selection of healthy food and supplements, you will feel good, have energy, and feel more positive about continuing your weight loss program.

Lacking vitamins and minerals may result in feeling lethargic, loss of energy, brain fog, and bad moods; this is why most people give up after only a few days. With adding in certain supplements, our clients tend to be surprised at how good they feel compared to other weight-loss diets they have tried, especially during the crucial first three days. Our mentor’s suggested supplements 

We have had many clients not needing to lose weight but wanted to complete our detox program just for the health benefits. The simple answer is “yes”.

Our program is not just for weight loss, it is also based on improving gut health, and overall detoxification of the body. Improving clients’ overall health is what we aim to do, so if a client does not need to lose much or any weight at all, the program can be tailored to each person’s needs and goals.

For example weight loss diet plan for women may not be the same weight loss diet plan for men.

Giving up anything, for example, drugs, alcohol, and medications can all cause withdrawal symptoms such as lethargy, headaches, flu-like symptoms etc. The same rules also apply to unhealthy food, especially sugar and bad carbohydrates.

It is only logical for some minor symptoms to occur, as sugar addiction is sometimes compared to drug addiction. Sugar withdrawal is a common occurrence and can lead to an initial 1-3 days of a slight headache, which usually goes away when your body starts getting the right nutrients in.

Some of our clients even report not having a headache at all. It all depends on each person and how their own body reacts. However, having a slight headache for a few days is worth the benefits that come with how well clients feel while eating clean on our program.

In the initial three day period or as we call it Step 1, we allow our clients to eat freely from a list of approved foods, chosen by a qualified dietitian, full of fresh lean proteins, and fresh fruit and vegetables. We do not want the first few days to be unpleasant for our clients or strict as the experience should be enjoyed and help them to be creative. We allow the first three days to eat freely to help make the transition easier and more comfortable, as long as it is on the list you can eat it. We have had great success over the years in transitioning clients through the phases of our healthy eating program this way.

By all means, if doing it on their own works better, we are all about what is best for the client; after all, it is your journey. However, experience has shown that having a support person, such as a weight loss program mentor keeps clients on track.

It also helps them be more accountable and gives that extra bit of much-needed motivation. Knowing they are not alone on this journey of losing unwanted body fat is sometimes the key factor between success and failure.

Our mentors have all experienced our weight loss program themselves. We know what to expect, what to look for when there are plateaus, to answer questions, and even just be there to listen sometimes. Studies have shown, clients on weight loss programs have more success if they have someone such as a mentor they can rely on to be there along the way for support and guidance.

As we are not medical experts, we always recommend that our clients discuss any new weight loss program, including ours with their General Practitioner. If clients have a specific medical condition or health concern, we can provide them with some information and fact sheets of the supplements we use so that you can show your GP for approval before beginning with us.

From the very first day, our clients join our weight loss and detox program, we give lifetime access to the member’s area. Passwords are updated regularly, all clients need to do is ask their mentor, and new passwords will be provided promptly.

Happy Healthy People

“It was really nice experience with Stacey during diet plan discussion. She asked me my food habit & explain a lot about our eating practice with time management.”
John Wilson, Perth WA
Happy Customer
“On my first day I weighed in at 148.8kg, it was the biggest I have ever been in my life and today on the 18th of August 2020 I weigh in at 97.3kg and it’s the happiest I have ever felt in my life because of this program. I will highly recommend it to anyone and thank you Stacey for introducing me to this life changing program.. ”
Alisha, Perth WA
Happy Customer
“September 2020 i start my journey and by christmas I lost 35kg in 3 round. I had a wonderful Christmas & made some awesome memories. Thank you my mentor Stacey Eades!! Happy New Year ”
Kay, Brisbane QLD
Happy Customer

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